I’m Hassan Fazili, a professional video editor & film maker

Hassan Fazili is an award winning artist that has developed theater plays, documentaries, short films, and several popular television series. His latest documentary, “Midnight Traveler”, premiered at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival and won a Special Jury Award. Midnight Traveler went on to screen at over 80 festivals, including  Berlinale, Shefield, HotDocs, IDFA, Yamagata, and has won over 30 awards.


His films MR. FAZILI’S WIFE and LIFE AGAIN! both push the envelope on issues of women’s, children’s and disability rights in Afghanistan, and have screened and won awards at numerous international festivals. Fazili’s documentary PEACE IN AFGHANISTAN, made for national television, profiled Taliban commander Mullah Tur Jan, who laid down arms in favor of a peaceful civilian life.


Hassan currently resides in Germany and is currently serving as a consultant on several documentaries, offering private film making classes and developing a script for a feature film. 



Hassan Fazili, in 2006, in Iran, trained a number of Afghan immigrants in his home and then formed an art group with some Afghan artists. As they made television theaters, they co-organized a large number of Afghan immigrant artists in Iran, producing television theaters, television series, and many short films and Those were broadcast on television. Hassan’s activities in “Namafilm” have led to the growth of many Afghan immigrant artists living in Iran. After two years in Iran, Hassan returned to Afghanistan and set up “Namafilm” office in Kabul. In Kabul, He also held a number of cinema enthusiasts and teached them in acting, directing, writing and… He also supported a number of young filmmakers and they became able to produce short fiction films and documentary films. They also worked in other Afghan and international media and filmmaking companies. Due to “Namafilm investor work policies”, Hassan had disagreement with him and did not want to continue working with “Namafilm” and left it in 2009. Hassan Fazili is one of the co-founders of “Namafilm” and has worked in it as the manager, writer, director, editor, actor and production director from 2007 to 2009.


Here’s some information about “Namafilm”:

JumpCut Cinematic Group

During his time at “Namafilm”, Hassan Fazili supported some students at Kabul University and also met some students who were good filmmakers and attracted them to work with “Namafilm”. Due to the “Namafilm” business policies, they were unable to keep up with “Namafilm” and formed their own film group called “JumpCut Cinematic Group” in 2009. They had no sponsors, held the meetings in their homes, lacked professional filmmaking equipment, and made the films with least equipment. They worked on each other’s films for free, and so they were able to make many short films. Their films were screened at many festivals and won prizes. “JumpCut Cinema Group” has had a huge impact on young Afghan filmmakers, including Hassan himself.


Hassan Fazili is a founding member of “JumpCut Cinema Group” and has worked in it as a writer, director, actor, editor and production director.

Here’s some information about the “JumpCut Cinema Group”:


“Theme Cinematic group”:

Hassan Fazili conducted film education sessions at his home since 2006 and provided free tutorials on all aspects of the short film “From Idea to Production”. These sessions were educational for himself too and he learned a part of the cinema through teaching others. In 2011, in Kabul, together with some of his students, they formed the “Theme Cinematic Group”, and after a while other young filmmakers joined the group and continued filmmaking and film education.


Features of the “Theme Cinematic group” include master classes in film education that were free for children, teenagers and young people in various cities of Afghanistan and Iran, Tajikistan, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary and Germany.




Art Café

“Art Café” was a cultural and artistic center that, besides serving food and drinks to customers, held many cultural and artistic events such as poetry and story workshops, cinema training, music training, photo exhibitions, painting and crafts. “Art Café” started operating in Kabul in 2013 and was unfortunately attacked several times by District 3 police at the behest of “Sayed Shah Agha Khaksar”, who had Taliban thoughts. At the last stage of his instigation, the café was attacked by religious extremists and closed in 2014. Hassan Fazeli was the owner and one of the co-founders of “Art Café”. Hassan and his associates were threatened with death by the Taliban after the attack of Mowlavi of Mosque and religious extremists to “Art Café”, So They left Afghanistan.


Here’s some information about “Art Café”:


Cultural and artistic festival “A night with Buddha”:

“A night with Buddha” festival was started by the “Yadavaran group” in 2006 to protest the destruction of Bamyan Buddhist statues and to support cultural and artistic values. “One Night with Buddha” is held every year on March 11th in collaboration with human rights activists and civil society organizations and with the support of the people of Bamyan at the same time in different countries. Hassan Fazili is a founding member of “A night with Buddha” and has served as artistic director of the festival in 2013, 2014 and 2015.


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– Angels: Author, Director

– Between You and Me: Actor in Season One. Actor, first assistant director, rewrote script in Season Two.

– Silent Paradise: Actor and Assistant Director in Season Two and Season Three.

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